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A half day or full day tour includes a visit and interpretation of the Callanish Standing Stones,  the Carloway Broch, Gearrannan Blackhouse Village. Your guide will explain the
history, archaeology, Gaelic culture and wildlife of this fascinating island.

Callanish and Cailliach na Monteach.jpg
Callanish Standing Stones
Gearrannan Blackhouse Village
 Harris Tweed Weaver

A full day tour of the Isle of Harris can include a visit to see how the Harris Tweed is woven, some of the most stunning beaches and your guide will explain the history, archaeology and culture of this beautiful and magical island. 

Church of St Clement at Rodel
Most outstanding monument of its kind in the Western Isles built in the 16th century.
Luskentyre Beach
One of the world famous beaches on the Isle of Harris.


Harris Tweed
Your guide can organise a visit to a local Harris Tweed Weaver and see this world famous cloth being woven in the crofters own home. Also a visit to the large Harris Tweed Store in Tarbet

Your guide has a wealth of experience in planning and researching for Clan Tours both for Clan Groups and individual families.  Having access to local resources enables you to spend your time on the island visiting the places of your ancestors. Your guide will prepare an itinerary and guide your clan tour as requested in any part of Lewis, Harris and elsewhere in Scotland. You may be able to visit for example where members of your family were born, went to school, got married before they left their beloved homeland. You may also visit the final resting place of your ancestors on the island. For more information, please ask......

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